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Corydoras, KH, and GH Parameters


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I wanted to ask everyone who has some corydoras for the specific KH and GH parameters if you have them.  If you just happen to recall ranges you've kept them as well that is perfectly fine as well.  I'll do a bit of research and add those details here below as well.

This was pulled from a conversation in a journal thread and it seemed to have a bit of an interest so let's learn together and explore a bit about these wonderful fish!

cc @Sherry @Chick-In-Of-TheSea

For my own corydoras.

PH: Normally 7.2 or below, highest I've kept them is 7.5 or so.  Any higher and they did have signs of stress (panda species)

KH: 30-80 ppm is the norm for me.  I have had them as high as 100-120 range, but the PH has always been pretty low.

GH: Anywhere from 100 ppm all the way up to 500+ ppm for mine.  We used to have liquid rock water and I never really considered GH to be an issue.



Inhabits both clear and blackwater streams and tributaries, often flowing over sandy substrates. Many of these are fed with meltwater run-off from the snow-capped Andean mountains at certain points in the year. At these times the flow rate increases and the water temperature can be quite low (to around 66°F (19°C).

Temperature: Wild fish prefer lower temperatures but tank-bred specimens are happy over the range 72 to 77°F (22 to 25°C). It won't do well if kept in warmer water than this long-term, with the likelihood its lifespan will be reduced considerably.

pH: 6.0 to 7.4

Hardness: 1 to 12°H


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I’ve kept pandas, melini, Pygmy and albino Aeneus and their cousin Aspidora  

Depending on what else I have going on in their tanks all have been kept by me in a variety of parameters. All of my Cory breed well no issues. 

ph 6.8-8.2 (occasionally a spike to 8.4 during hyper chlorination events from the water company  


Gh I stop adding drops at 400 because it’s boring to do not because the tube actually changed color and coop strips turn bright fuchsia 

The tank I kept aeneus in was at one point a soft water tank and gh was crazy low but I do not remember how low. 

I have not noticed any of these things affecting how often they breed, my egg fertility rate, life span or health.  

edit to add panda and Pygmy have been kept in clear and black water conditions 

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