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Why Geophagus Red Head Tapajos are expensive?


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On 10/28/2023 at 2:31 AM, IlhamSetiawan said:

But i heard that geos are easy to breed in aquaria?

I dont know much about them yet but Ive been doing some readings about heckelii as Im planning to keep some, and saw that it is at least 2 years some say up to 3 years to see breeding activity. Ive also seen others mentioning 7” size. My friend also said approximately 2 years.

That is a looong time for a fish to breed. Also I believe the best way is starting with a juvenile group? Bcoz they seem hard to sex. And they arent like put a m and f together and let them breed I believe. You should let them choose each other. Even then, it seems not  that easy to breed them it seems

considering all this long time required for a group to be raised together, heater and food expenses, running a big tank considering their size and potential agression, expecting a pair to form after 2-3 years and being able to raise babies… sounds tough.

that being said, they are usually not that expensive here as well considering how late they start to breeding. 


Please take everything with a grain of salt here. I usually don't like to talk without an experience but I just wanted to mention a few things I came across last week while doing some research about heckeliis as Im interested in breeding them

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On 11/1/2023 at 12:20 AM, mynameisnobody said:

@Lennie Nope that was for a juvenile. Albinos are much more rare in these fish. I will say it is by far the prettiest in that aquarium. 





Ah yes. Albinos are more expensive here as well, but not that much. But I usually see heckelii albinos, maybe they are the ones in demand in where I live


Very pretty fish. You gotta name it if it doesnt have one

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