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Building a Dean style fry system

Ben P.

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I'm starting to build my fry system this week once the parts arrive in a couple days, going to heavily resemble Dean's.  What I'm going to do is use a spare 55 as the base tank, use the aco power head to supply water to the drippers.  I'm going to run the power head into a 1/2 PVC pipe with the opposite end of the pipe running the water back into the 55 so I don't build up too much pressure (will have a ball valve there to regulate pressure).  Planning on keeping it at roughly 85 degrees, I keep all my tanks pretty warm.  Another 1/2 PVC for air.  I have some leftover 40ppi foam from a matten filter.   I'm just wondering if anyone has some good photos of theirs or if they have any suggestions of things they would change about theirs or good photos?  Any suggestions appreciated!

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I’m always impressed with Dean’s and anyone who can successfully duplicate it.

I prefer to use a floating flow-through DIY fry tray that is much simpler. I’ve made several versions. Let me see if I can find some old threads…



I use Rubbermaid containers now…



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