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Hillstream loach in 9 gallon?


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For hillstream loaches id recommend at minimum 20 gallons. 

For an old 9 gallon tank, there are some really fun nano fish I can recommend. With a ton of plant cover you could do them and some shrimp species, like neocardinia. 

Here are my suggestions I’ll attach pics too:


Rocket/clown killifish-


stays small max out at 3cm


chili or exclamation point rasboras-


says 1” but they rarely exceed 2 cm. There are so many nano rasboras it’s not even funny. Pick a color you like and there is a species with that color


If you have your heart set on catfish, dwarf anchor cats. I believe there are 3-4 species in the hobby. None of them get larger than 5-6 cm-



I tend to dissuade people from hillstream loaches in a 10 gallon as they need heavy filtration, clean water, and a bit of swimming room. It’s easier to keep 20 gallons from shifting water parameters than 10 gallons.


Welcome to the forums!

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I’m going to second @Biotope Biologist on hillstream loaches needing at least 20. I have 3 young juveniles that are still small in a 10g growing out. I do a lot of water changes and had a spare canister and high flow HOB for 30 gallon tanks as well as sponge filters. 

Even now at still juvenile size they are ready to upgrade. They also live on soft algae and microorganisms biofilm etc as their natural diet. They eat a lot and what I need to supplement them at this point pushes my ability to keep pristine water. 

My Asian stone anchor cats were super fun in a 10g. They even bred. 

Pygmy, hastatus or Habrosus corydora are great fish for a small school in that size tank. 

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