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Stocking Questions 20gal long


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I’m going to plant my 20gal long on Sunday and dry start then move into the cycling process. So I’ve got a while to figure this out basically haha 

I was thinking neon tetras, khuli loaches, and then various skrimps and snails. 

How many of each neon tetras and kuhlis could comfortably fit? I want just a sponge filter. I’ve always used HOBs and honestly I hate them. So I want to give a go at a sponge. Do I need more than one or just a pretty big one will work? 

Thank you so much!! 

I’ll also be starting a 10gal for a betta too 🙂

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Kuhlis love being in groups so they'd love 6+ but they are very very shy so plan on rarely seeing them to set your expectations. 

As for the neons I'd do 10-20. Both are a light bio load so your budget may give out before you put a strain on the capacity of the filtration 😄

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