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Question- Pimp my HOB filter

Karen B.

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I have a 10 gallons and a 20 gallons.

Both have aqueon HOB quietflow filter (10 and 20)

I finished my carbon cartridge so it’s time to pimp them! I watched Cory’s video. So far both have pre filter sponges.

First option was sponge only stuffed in. But I wonder if the water will override it and not pass through? As the water comes from the side. 

Second option was only bio ring.

Would it be a good idea to mix both options? Fewer bioring, flattened. Then I would cut the sponge in half to make it thinner. So the water would hit the bioring, then the sponge? Can I also add a coarser sponge right at the beginning (purple square)


Finally at the end, there is a little pad for amonia. Can I replace it with a higher sponge, so it would also slow the flow that is way too strong for my fishes?

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It really boils down to surface area and flow.

Any sponge or ring will give you surface area for the bacteria to grow.

Regarding flow and filtration, the general why this is done is you start with a course filter and decreases in size as you pass through the system to 'catch it all'.

But do we need to really do that? Yes if you are running bio rings as their pores are very small. If you are running only sponge (which is a perfectly valid approach) you can run the same course size everywhere.

I would not bother with the ammonia sponge. If you tank is properly cycled, you won't need it.

This is the setup I use for my Fluval 407

  1. Corarse - inlet pre-filter
  2. normal inlet sponge
  3. Sponge in lowest 2 baskets
  4. bio rings in the last two

This same sequence can be used for any filter canister or HOB.

Good luck with your project.

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