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New Found Goby


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This is very beautiful! I do love the gobys. I have one little sand goby. She gets along well with everyone I've kept in her tank -- Guppies, Swordtails, Bluefin Killis.

But you know . . . for anyone living here in the US . . . have a good look at US Native Darters. They're kind of our natural variant on Gobys. Darters don't eat biofilm. They do need a freezer well-stocked with frozen food. But their colors are intense. I cannot get enough of Banded Darters (Etheostoma zonale)...



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The article didn’t say but I wonder if “new photography techniques” refers to submersible drones that are a lot quieter and smaller than a human and thus can study the more shy macro predators.


It took a good while for my gobies to get used to me as the hand that feeds and when they aren’t hungry they still dart under rocks when anyone approaches 

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On 10/11/2023 at 3:38 PM, vividheckel said:

Gorgeous new fish! Does anyone know of anything similar? I'm looking to get some gobies soon, but I don't know.

Look up "stiphodon goby" on YouTube. ChawChow channel features some beauties. Look at these males sparring...

And check these out...


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Here are mine that are impossible to photo!


They are mostly brown but when they start sparring, which still hasn’t produced me any babies they turn pitch black and the ‘filament’ on their dorsal turns bright blue. They also have red spots down their body.



we are starting to see more of the larger freshwater gobies from South East Asia show up. Here are more of the same genus as mine that are more commonly available but still relatively rare:


Rhinogobius zhoui


Rhinogobius rubromaculatus

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