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Hello from the PNW


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Hello! I'm from Washington state. I've had a few tanks over the years but took a break for a while. Then Covid happened and I decided I needed a hobby again. 😄

I have a 15 gallon that's getting converted to a 20H. I'll definitely be posting that progress. It will be home to my king betta (Monstro), 4 violet Cory's and 2 hillstream loaches. Plus a few Amanos.

My newest addition is Curzon, a black orchid betta. (Pictured below) I couldn't leave him and ended up buying a 5 gallon just for him and a handful of cherry shrimp. 

I'd like to try my hand at breeding fish and I'm hoping to try more medium light plants in my new 20. Hoping to have fun learning with everyone here! 



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I was thinking of starting with my cories! @Randy It seems fairly easy? 

I'd like to get into shrimp as well. 

Are there any fish you recommend? I've had mollies and platys before. Secretly always wanted to try bettas but I've heard that's not a great idea. 😅

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@Mel, so far I have only had success breeding Panda corys, both pulling eggs and hatching via Ziss Egg Tumbler, and leaving the eggs alone to discover surprise cory babies.

Right now I am working the long-game with Scleromystax barbatus, Corydoras eques, and Corydoras venezuelanus.  By long-game I mean feeding them very well with Xtreme Pellets, frozen bloodworms, and baby brine shrimp, and waiting for them to do their thing....eventually....I hope!  🤞

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