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Sealing drilled tank?


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After the failure of my 55gal tall I decided to get my free 125gal up and running.  Was a salt tank in a fish store that closed down so its not in the best shape but holds water, and looks decent filled.  Has 2 bulkheads I'm not going to use,  is there a cleaner way to seal/ plug them besides a bulkhead with a plug? Thought about siliconing the bulk head in but not so sure,  or should I just buy new bulkheads and plug those? Thanks all!


Planning on running 2 large aco sponge filters and probably a tidal 110, have a black 3d background coming and black gravel. Thinking discus!




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What I have done is siliconed a thick piece of glass over the hole. You will want to clean everything around the hole thoroughly first. Once clean generously coat the piece of glass with silicone and then squish it down over the hole. You will want to piece of glass big enough to have a lot of coverage over the hole size. What has worked for me is a 4 x 4 piece of glass for a 1" bulkhead. Once the glass is in place I would put a weight on top to keep it flat. I would then put a little silicone on the other size of the hole to smooth it out for extra coverage. might be overkill but I like it. Also smear some silicone around the square of glass so no sharp edges. 

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