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Hello fellow fish friends!

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Hey there my fish loving brothers and sisters. I’ve been watching Cory on YouTube for about 6 months. I acquired a betta fish from an unusual place and named him Zombie because he looked dead when I got him. Zombie recovered somewhat and lived out his last days in comfort. However I have contracted multiple tank syndrome which is now complicated by a plant addiction. I have 20 gal with a new male baby koi betta, 3 corys, 5 tiny cardinal tetras, 1 huge female neon tetra, and 4 ghost shrimp. Oh and a horde of rams horns. I also have a 10 gal waiting for some plants. And a 5 gal with just snails. I look forward to learning more about the hobby!

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Welcome @Recovered Betta! Fish/plant keeping is a wonderful hobby and I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me 🙂 There is a ton to learn and my biggest advice is take everything you hear or read with a grain of salt as your style and water will often mean that what works for others may need tweaked a bit to work for you. And as you find the things that bring you success be slow to change them chasing something better.

There are some very knowledgeable folks on these forums to listen to and learn from, and of course the hundreds of videos from Cory and the other fish youtube folks.


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