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Is upgrading a planted 5.5g to a 10g worth it and want to expect?


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I have a 5.5 gallon planted tank that I've had for over a year that has worked for me.  But I admit it would be nice to have a little more room for plant growth and stocking and maybe cleaning would be easier.  But does going from a 5.5 to a 10 make much of a difference?  I have limited space and this is my only tank and will always be my only tank 🙂
If I look at the footprint I'm only gaining 1-2" in each direction.  For me it's hard to visualize if such a small jump in size is worth it.
Plus I wonder how well plants transfer after being uprooted and replanted?  And how long will the tank overall need to adjust? 
Rooted and established:
Crypt lucens
Pogostemon stellatus
Dwarf Sagittaria
Recently planted but doing well:
Crypt beckettii
I don't have fish at the moment but do have nerites and mts.
Rim or rimless?
I have a rimmed tank and considering rimless.  Again not sure if the cost is worth it but I don't plan on upgrading again.  I do like with a rim you don't have to meticulously keep the top clean.
But the corners on a rimless are so much nicer looking without the thick strip of silicone and unevenness you get with rimmed.  That has always bothered more on my tank than seeing a black rim.
My water is not crystal clear, I have catalpa leaves and I think sometimes algae.  Personally I think part of the appeal to rimless is seeing that clear water that looks seamless with no rim.  Whereas with any kind of tint to the water I don't mind it being framed in with a rim.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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I would simply say: Do what makes you happy. 

While you may not be gaining much in size, you are almost doubling the total volume of the water. 

As far as rimmed/rimless, it really comes down to personal preference. I have a rimless tank, but it still has a lid. I personally like the rimmed tanks as it hides the water line. Going rimless won’t make the water any more crystal clear, if anything, it might annoy you more if that’s what you’re really going for. That might require more maintenance/scraping the glass, addition of or more chemical filtration, etc. 

In my experience, your plants will definitely have to transition. It may not be as bad as say going from emersed to submerged grown, but they’ll definitely transition to a new home/placement/water structure/potential lack of nutrients in the substrate and water column/new tank in general. All new tanks will go through a diatom phase, and that could have an impact on your plants and your overall enjoyment of the tank as you work it towards an established/seasoned tank. If you’re happy with where your plants are, and you have no fish, that’s the real deciding factor in my opinion. 

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I did have a betta and would like to get another or something else. But won't do that until I am certain what route I'm going with my tank.

The depth of the space I have is about 12" so a 10g still fits with wiggle room. Or maybe a 15g, Lifegard has a rimless one that could fit. 
Water changes are nice with a smaller tank, one small bucket to handle since I save my water for plants.

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