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Brine Shrimp Hatching Question

Andrew Puhr

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Hello everyone. 

I recently started hatching brine about a week ago. Still trying to get the bugs worked out and figure out what's causing my poor hatch rates. Purchased everything from aquarium co-op. Ziss Hatchery, Co-Op Eggs, usb air pump, etc. Used instant ocean sea salt that I had for a while. The Co-Op eggs I had from early 2022. I hadn't opened the tin and they were still sealed in the bag and kept in the fridge. 

I did my first batch following the co-op instructions exactly. 2 tbs of marine salt, 1 tsp of eggs, maintain temperature of 76-82 degrees. Had a decent enough hatch maybe 50-60%. Next batch tried increasing the salinity with 3.5 tbs based on a video I saw from Prime Time Aquatics since we are in the same area and same water. Still about the same hatch. 

I started utilizing a hydrometer to determine salinity to make sure I am matching what they need and not having too much or too little salt. Was trying around 1.02 salinity, tried utilizing an incandescent lamp but had it too close and ended up cooking the brine. 

Current test is I am using an LED lamp for light, an internal heater to maintain the temperature around 28C (82F), salinity right around 1.02, 1 tsp brine, still using the USB air pump, switched from the marine salt to the Fritz A+ Salt. Currently at hour 15 and waiting to see where I am at when I hit 24 hours. 

I feel like I got into the weeds with trying to get everything perfect and it could just be that my eggs are too hold to have a good hatch so I ordered a new tin of eggs from the Co-Op to try again depending on the results of today's hatch. 

Tap Water Parameters:

0 - Nitrates

0 - Nitrites

300 - GH

60 - KH

7.0-7.2 - PH

0 - Chlorine

Is there anything else I am missing or should try? Feeling a bit discouraged retrying every 24 hours or so. 

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Added Tap Water Parameters
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On 9/25/2023 at 5:08 PM, AllFishNoBrakes said:

then decided to try 36 and I’ll never go back. 

I should have been more clear. I harvest a bit at a time. I run one hatch for 48-72 hours so I get all the eggs that will hatch. Plus I’m lazy so don’t want to make new daily 🤣 As I harvest I just add back in Dasani bottle water to keep it going. Dasani because that is what I drink and always have on hand. 

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Am i using too much baking soda? I shool a little bit of baking soda into my hatchery and tested using the co-op test strips at right around 8 but I have noticed issues since I used baking soda. Its coating the inside of my hatchery and my brine shrimp eggs are no longer floating to the top so i don't know if the baking soda affected the bouyancy of water and everything is just staying where it is. This is after 36 hours. Pictures below are after air has been off for 8 or 9 minutes one with light on and one with light off. I need to use vinegar to remove the white coating off my hatchery, heater, thermometer, tubing, etc. 

i can't harvest the brine which are hatching because the eggs arent separating to the surface. 



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I'm a little late here, but I would say your original tin was probably a little old.
The co-op eggs are really well packed, but still have a shelf life. The fresher they are, the better they hatch.

If the old eggs weren't hatching, they would sink instead of the casings rising to the surface.

My water is similar to yours and I've never used baking soda. I'd say it's probably not needed.
It looks like your water is warm enough and you have light on them, they should hatch fine with a newer tin of eggs.

I'd say the first tin was just old. I keep my extra tins in the freezer to prolong their viability, then in the fridge once they are opened and in use.

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