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fully submerged vertical aquatic garden/column

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I thought I saw someone post about making a cylinder or column of weed fabric filled with  soil, for plants to grow sideways from it. I was thinking of doing something similar, but I wanted something cheap. Will this work:

1. poke numerous holes in small, clear plastic water or soda bottle, or roll weed stop gardening fabric and slice x's into the sides

2. fill bottle with soil or substrate and some fertilizer

3. poke plant roots into tiny holes and secure with glue or thread

4. wait for growth, and bask in my ingenuity


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Not foolish!  I've seen videos of people growing verticle moss walls.  I personally don't like the water bottle part, but if you could fill a weed fabric bag with soil, or just cover the soil filled bottle with fabric, it should work.  I'm not sure how you would support the fabric bag without some kind of internal support. 

On the otherhand, a soil filled fabric bag built around a water bottle core may function as a extra large sponge filter.  You won't know until you try.

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Depending on the plants you use, you don’t need soil at all, just mesh or a matten type sponge.  Any epiphyte or stem plant could be grown on a vertical mesh.  Stems don’t tend to get super strong roots so I don’t know how well they would do in sponge.  A wall of Anubias, Bucephalandra, Cryptocoryne, aquatic ferns of any kind and / or assorted mosses would be impressive.  You would want to sort carefully and make certain the light would hit at the right angle to get to the deepest plants.  Placing the lowest light plants down low would help, higher light plants at the top.  Sorting carefully by size so the higher plants aren’t overshadowing the lower plants would be a bit tricky but not impossible.  I don’t know that I’d try to grow a sword out of a wall since I think they look best standing up and they really do prefer to be rooted in something with nutrients, but the epiphytes would probably love this style of growing (it’s essentially just like growing on a rock or branch) and you only need to use liquid ferts, no root tabs needed.

Make it happen, we want to see it for inspiration!

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