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Fieryblack Shiner 🔥

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On 9/19/2023 at 1:59 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

Nice colors! Are they related to Rainbow shiners? 

Not exactly. Rainbow Shiners are Notropis chrosomus. Fieryblack Shiners are Cyprinella pyrrhomelas.

Here is the iNaturalist info page on Rainbow Shiners. Their range looks like this…


In the wild, here is what Rainbow Shiners look like…

Here is the iNaturalist info page on Fieryblack Shiners. Their range looks like this…


Here is underwater male v. male combat footage of Fieryblack Shiners…

I actually got mine as F1 juveniles from one of the guys who filmed this!

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On 9/21/2023 at 1:32 PM, AquaHobbyist123 said:

Finally caught some (and the bucket stayed secure)! Man they are just wonderful! I captured about 14ish.

John's River, Catawba Drainage, NC near Colletsville.

All were caught in a Cast Net in a shallow pool. Warpaint Shiners, Juvenile Chubs, and Spottail Shiners also present, but the majority of fish caught were Fieryblacks.





Well done! Now, I'd be very attentive to their native water conditions before bringing indoors -- assuming you're planning to keep some? I have heard that F0s can really breakdown in that transfer. Mine are F1s -- much, much easier.

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All doing well so far. Not a single mortality. I collected a good number in case mortality was an issue, but so far they're doing great. 

One thing that I think helped was the collection site being very local, and the collection period was about an hour at most so they were transported home promptly.

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Interestingly, I catch Warpaints a lot even though they're not native to this watershed. Heyre very abundant in cool, rocky streams. I've found them in the Yadkin River too in the Pee Dee Basin. All collecting conducted here was done in an hour with a Cast Net in a pool about 2.5 ft deep. I was just walking by it and decided to cast my net in there just because, and the first fish I caught were Fieryblacks.

One thing I am keeping an eye on these for is Fin rot though, because they have a tendency to nip.

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