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24 hours after putting in new fish and treating with med trio.


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Water was crystal clear yesterday.

This happens every time I dose with med trio on a new quarantine.


just put some cycled sponge filters from another tank.


cloudiness should be cleared up by tomorrow.

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I don’t do the trio. However I’ve seen a lot of posts about it and heard Cory speak on it. Well established seasoned fully planted tanks seem to handle the med trio a lot better. Newer unseasoned unplanted tank from posts I’ve read always take a bacterial hit. The boxes say it negatively impacts biofiltration 

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There is no substrate in the tank. Only some floating plants and a silk one.  Used to be hornwort before I soaked it in seltzer…

But I awlays keep some sponges cycled in my display tank….  It should be much clearer tomorrow morning and pretty much back to normal tomorrow night…

testing during the cloudiness always shows parameters are perfectly fine…

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