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Fish and arraganite substrate


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I have a 15 gallon planted tank with arraganite substrate that originally housed endlers and dwarf Mexican crayfish as well as a mystery snail. After way too many endler babies and constant stress trying to separate them as an endless stream of new fry appeared,  I removed them all and rehomed most of them. The remaining ones are now in different tanks and are seperated by sex.

The dwarf crayfish and snail are doing great so I'd like to leave the arraganite in this tank. 

I'm hoping to find a small fish that would do well in this 15 gallon with the crayfish. Preferably NOT a livebearer. I plan to steer clear of those for awhile! 

Any suggestions?



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On 9/18/2023 at 2:27 PM, Rube_Goldfish said:

No experience with barbs here, and none with crayfish, either. Is your only objection to livebearers their rapid breeding? If so, what if you just did all male fish of some kind of livebearer? All the color and activity, and the appreciation of harder/ more alkaline water, but none of tye breeding.

Definately having rapid breeding PTSD, lot! I have a couple tanks of endlers now. I was just hoping for something different. Maybe I'll just move the endlers to the 15 gallon and use the 20 long for something else.  It has gravel and a little pile of arraganite I can siphon out!

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