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How many rainbows in a 75 gallon


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I recently got in a couple shipments of red and neon rainbow fish. 11 red rainbows and 4 neon rainbows. I currently have 5 rainbows in my 75 gallon aquarium; 4 boesmani and 1 turquoise along with 8 panda corydoras, 2 panda garra, and a bristlenose pleco. Question is...how many more rainbows can I add to my 75 gallon while I sell the rest locally? Not sure if it matters but the tank is heavily planted with an FX6 filter and an airstone. 

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Well, I've never had a tank larger than 29 gallons so it's hard for me to say, but my 29 gallon has a similar stocking so I'm sure the answer is a lot more. 

I currently have in my 29:

-  10 red neon bows

-  2 thick-lipped gourami 

-  2 honey gourami

-  about 10 panda cories

-  4 hillstream loaches

-  10 amano shrimp

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