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Tubbing Season Ends, Fish Crop Examined

Fish Folk

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Here in gardening zone 6, overnight temperatures start diving by mid September. Over this week — mostly Yesterday and today — I tore down three mini-tubs…


This involves a pretty long process: (1) Ready indoor tanks (2) remove plants (3) Drain water (4) Catch fish (5) Acclimate fish to indoor water parameters (6) put tubs away.


Then, afterwards, there begins the process of examining the yield. Now, this summer, I very rarely fed any tub fish with flakes or live foods. Some leftover BBS went in for fry, but not much!

The “red” tub began with about 18x adult red swordtails. There were deaths throughout the season. But the strong survived. Before going outside, they were kept in a planted 20-long with a few oddball NANF…


After the season end, the surviving brooders move back to an aquaponics 20-gal long. Here’s a look…

There was a surprise find. An egg of a Bluefin killifish came in on water lettuce ordered from FL. He colored up nice, and enjoys life with the “reds.”


The fry are adorable! I’m very pleased with the yield…

The other 40-gal tub was stocked with “Precious Metals” Guppies. The colony has multiplied, but it appears like brooders struggled through the heat of summer. Fry will need to be carefully culled. Here’s a look…

I would call the Guppy tub a “meh” for the season. Two things might have helped: (1) feeding a handful of times a week (2) adding an air stone to help balance the oxygen deprivation of 90°-F stretches.

The Gulf Coast Pygmy Sunfish experiment was a great success! I started with about 12x brooders. The 14-gal tub was an algae nightmare. But in the end, fry survived…

After all was said and done, I recovered 5x adults and 80x fry! Housing them is interesting…

So that’s a wrap! Hoping to sell off a bunch over the next year.


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Nice yield!

Try parsley or cilantro in place of the rosemary.  They tolerate wet roots and rosemary hates constantly wet roots.  Rosemary likes to be soaked then get nearly dry before watering again.  You could also try nasturtium for a nice peppery green mixed into salads or beautiful edible flowers.  They tolerate very wet roots and would likely thrive in your hydroponic system.

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