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Worms in fishless cycle


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I have an infestation of detritus worms in my fishless cycling 3 gallon. I planned on making it a shrimp tank but these worms are out of control, easily over 500 in there. 
I did a water change to see if it would and help and no luck. I don’t think my tank is dirty.. not sure why there are soooo many. 
I was adding ammonia to aid in the cycle. Is this too many nutrients being in the fluval stratum? My question is, am I doing something wrong here to have created all the worms?



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Detritus worms feed on rotting organic matter, detritus. From what i can see in the picture it appears some of your plants are melting back or converting and that organic matter is the food source of the worms.  I would not worry about them in terms of shrimp health despite the large amounts, they should not bother the shrimp at all, and personally I believe them to be a beneficial part of an ecosystem.

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