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Using a cycled filter


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I have a cycled sponge filter that’s been running in my display tank and I need to transfer it over to a new tank.

obviously it’s cycled…. My question is how long do I need to keep the filter in there for the water (2 gallons) to become cycled and ready for fish. 

i am not keeping the sponges filter in this new tank after it’s cycled btw. The water is new tap water with just dechlorinator and quick start in it. 

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I keep extra HOB filters on my cycled tanks so the I have cycled filters ready for new tanks. Sometimes I put the whole filter on the new tank and sometimes I put the filter media in a new filter on the new tank. Either way I've never had problems from not waiting to add fish. I start small of course. For example when I started my 10 gallon that way, I first put in my honey gourami immediately. I tested my water every day when I did this. The tests were always perfect: 0, 0, and less than 15 ppm. Ten days after the gourami, I added 8 ember tetras. No problem. Ten more days and I added 8 kobutai and again no problem. I have also started keeping a couple of filter bags full of gravel in my plants-and-snails-only tank to add to new tanks to help with extra bacteria. 

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