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Homemade fish food


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Hi guys, I had an idea to make like a steam egg fish food recipe. The goal was to achieve a gel good substitute as I cannot find any in my area. I have tried making and feeding it to my shrimps, fish and snails and they really like it. The problem is this recipe involves heating the ingredients which I don’t know if they will loose their nutrients after heated. 
The food involves crushing mashed peas and garlic into a paste and mixing it to an egg, and then I add in some hikari fry powder as well as powdered algae wafers, the last step is to steam until the eggs are cooked and keep in the freezer. 
The idea is that the eggs will encapsulate all the ingredients and are easier to feed to fish. It holds together very well so even the aggressive eaters don’t make a mess. If this works I will definitely keep making it.

obviously I am still feeding other high quality flakes and pellets along with this homemade food.

I don’t know if the fish food can be heated though so please tell me how you feel about this recipe. Thank you!

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I know that when flakes are made, food is baked in an oven. I assume your solution works just as well. Be careful to observe that all of it gets eaten. You don't want leftover food to build up uneaten. Also, always watch your fish carefully for any signs of illness. I've had several fish recently succumb to dropsy. I suspect it was, in part, on account of kidney failure due to bacterial infection brought on by an improper diet. Keep up on your water changes, and watch your fish closely. You might be onto something here!

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