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do my shrimp look okay?


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They all look perfectly happy.  The "white ring of death" is a pretty big misnomer.  It is more plainly, a separation of the exoskeleton on the shrimp itself.  It could simply be a sign of growth of the shrimp and that molting will happen soon.  When you see it, simply monitor and feed a complete food with calcium for the shrimp. 

The tank has plenty of surface biofilm and things to graze on and that is a lot of what you're seeing.  I'll attach two videos below.  The first is a shrimp with the WRoD molting properly without any issues.  The second one is just a fun one on how shrimp eat. The biology of how they function and using that to understand if the tank is setup well for them and how they are thriving.  The main thing to keep in mind for shrimp development for me isn't a one off molt, but it's all about are they molting consistently, at the rice pace, and are their shells developing as they should.  If you see "shiny shrimp" that is a new molt more than likely and it's one where they would be trying to hide (hence food availability is critical) and likely won't hit the feeding dish for a few days.  That is the most sensitive time for a shrimp.  That's the key.


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