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Fluval Flex 32.5 stocking ideas

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I have a Fluval Flex 32.5 planted tank.  My wife and son are challenging me to stock it with the MOST colourful freshwater fish possible lol.  We want it to be peaceful so want to stick with Tetras, Rasboras and peaceful Barb's.  No livebearers and no Glo Fish please.  What species would you suggest for bottom dwellers, mid level and upper level inhabitants?  I'm trying to think outside the box and steer away from the usual suspects but it's not easy.  Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. 

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My more colorful fish are German blue rams, psuedomugil luminatas, and honey gourami. Photos of rams and honeys are mine but my luminatas are to fast so took a web photo B731A6BF-F4BF-4171-8807-AEA63E46035E.jpeg.fb46e9ee181d9a89ba1983f96e4555ec.jpegBFCC00EF-869B-47BF-9138-73214F1CDA1C.jpeg.ffa9f88f9a77c1f62366a640f85cf360.jpeg057421C5-E706-493F-92A7-3158B4C4BCDF.jpeg.d60a154b5da2ea75ae5722bfbb8a838e.jpeg

For bottom dweller Adolfo corydora are so awesome to see. I don’t have them but my LFS always has them. (Web photo)AB267CCA-D34E-430E-8761-F0E492AE2855.jpeg.2432b37d17352ea2372733080f17b87c.jpeg

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