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Latin binomial help please


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I was watching the swimming with cichlids members presentation. 
This fish came up. I’ve tried every crazy spelling I can think of and can’t find it on the web. 

She pronounced it 

air-o-manus mark-smith-eye

please help with the spelling so I can look it up. It was at 15:07 on the video. 
Thanks 😊 


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The 2nd of many binomials refer to an important field biologist. I guessed “Mark Smith” + “i” = marksmithi

There’s actually another Tanganyikan cichlid named Julidochromis marksmithi…


My personal hobby-hook fish is the German Blue Ram. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. = “Mikro” (small) + “geophagus” (ca. dirt-eater) + “ramirezi” (after Manuel Ramirez) — a guy who was busy…


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@Guppysnail 😅 sheesh… I don’t know! Maybe just a juvenile. But it looks like maybe a… juvenile species of Lepidiolamprologus

At first blush, I wanted to say it was maybe a skinny Livingstoni, similar to Venustus… but I’ve no really solid guesses.

For that matter… could just be a skinny juvenile Tilapia! 

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