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Follow along for the madness. I need a forum to rant about my planted tanks and breeding projects.

Above is my 38 gallon high with gold, black, and dalmatian mollies, koi angelfish, and corydoras with a bunch of houseplants sticking out the top.

And here's my Bolivian Ram tank:


Proof of rams...


featuring corydoras...


Then my planted, soil bottom tank...


which has Celestial Peal Danios... and (used to have) a female red koi betta.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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Today I bought a 40 gallon breeder. I set it up on a utility shelf in the office... which I guess is now a tank room. After hemming and hawing over bare bottom, gravel, sand, soil etc., I put in about an inch of organic topsoil, covered with about 4 inches of all-purpose gravel, and started filling it with water... dripping it through a Brita filter so I can at least start with softer, lower pH water.


That's not even the cool part.


I was sitting in the living room keeping an eye on it from the couch, when I glance over at my 10 gal next to me. "Is that a baby brine shrimp?" I thought. I'd fed my other tanks with BBS that afternoon. But not this tank. There were no fish in it, only snails.

Or so I thought...

[video of fry]

I had a few leopard danios in there, but took them out when moving tanks around last week. So that's gotta be them. They must have scattered eggs that incubated all week.

Luckily, I have some fry powder handy so I mixed some with water and put a few drops in the water. I'll do my best to keep up with that the next couple of days. Then maybe try some microworms, and follow up with baby brine shrimp later in the week.


But other than that, these were unexpected so I'm gonna just try my best and nature will takes its course with minor help.


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On 9/10/2023 at 10:41 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

@Mad_Genes what's the plastic bottle contraption in the CPD tank for?


That was my attempt at the DIY CO2 system that the owner of the Ocean aquarium in San Francisco used. I saw it in the AqCOOP video.


Mine did not work so well. In fastening it to the tank, I made a hole in the ledge of the plastic tank frame, and used a paddle skewer. Then I made two holes in the bottle and put in eye-hole screws so that it can slide up and down. I think my CO2 was leaking through those side holes rather than being absorbed in the water. The bottle emptied out and sank within a day, and I saw no change in my CO2 drop indicator.

Right now I'm trying with the yeast/sugar fermenter hooked up to a diffuser. That system appears to work, I'm making CO2 at least, but I'm only detecting a slight uptick in CO2 levels by drop indicator and I might just be fooling myself that it's real... but I haven't really dosed heavy with the sugar yet. I recharge with a 100g / 500 mL solution, and last time I only used 5 mL of that. Today, I'm gonna double it and see if goes better.

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Allow me to introduce:

Yukiko, Mothball, Sugar,  and Boo.


My new platinum parrot cichlids. 

The plan is to grow them up full sized and sell them full grown. Right now they're the size of mothballs, hence the name, but I'm gonna get them to baseball size and sell them. Maybe breed them if I get a reliable pair. 




If I don't fall in love with them along the way.

Love me some derpy cichlids.

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