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air pump reccomenations?

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So im trying to set up a proper breeding rack for the first time, i was wondering if anyone knows of a good air pump that isn't super loud that could handle about 20 small aquariums? i know it cant be measured accurately this way but i dont know how else to measure it. 


P.S. i know that aquarium co op sells one, but i feel like its overkill and really would prefer not to spend 230 dollars on an air pump.

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I would get the smaller one ACO sells.  It's not because ACO sells it, but because it's literally the best thing for the job.

Barring that. Tetra has the AP150, you'd need "a few" of them.  Especially for 20 tanks.  You can use metal gang valves to split the lines and create your system that way.  If you're setting up 20 tanks.... get the linear piston pump and just make it much less of a hassle on yourself in the long run.

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@a date with nature I would have to agree with @nabokovfan87 on recommending the ACO linear piston air pump. If you purchased a low end pump, to keep supplying 20 tanks affordable, you are looking at $10-$15 per pump (20x$10=$200, 20X$15=$300) or $230 for the single piston pump. Keep in mind, you will also need the power strips to plug in 20 pumps... most likely 4 strips at 6 plugs per strip... another $30-$40 dollars or more depending their quality and if they have surge protection.

But, that's not all... the ACO piston pump uses 45W, while the 20 separate pumps would use 4W each... that's 80W! Now this is just an example and you might be able to put together a better combination of smaller pumps than this, but I doubt you will be able to make even 10 dual port pumps make sense compared to the power and cost savings of a linear piston pump. Just some food for thought. Thanks.

ADDED INFO: You might also like to check out these pumps.

Hygger 240GPH 12W 352GPH Strong Aquarium Air Pump - Amazon ($60.00)


Hygger Rechargeable Aquarium Pond Air Pump, Powerful Quiet Commercial 18W - Amazon ($80.00)

I have the battery back-up pond version which seems to be a solid choice. You might still need several of them, but fewer than with the standard air pump as they are more powerful 12w and 18w respectively. Hope that helps.

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