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riioKen's journal. Will it work?

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Hi, I would like to start this new adventure, it's my first journal, I'll update it weekly after maintenance.

The aim is to create a sort of diary/note book, where I will write down any updates, things that are working, problems and above all, which is very important, post photos to keep track of the evolution of the aquarium, especially plants.


Currently the aquarium is still not established, I don't have a stand for it (should arrive tomorrow).

The tank is a 90g 43x19x24 (330 litres 110x50x60h). 


The idea is to do a nano fish, red plant based tank. 


Right now I have a 20g running with cpd, pygmy Cory, ember tetra, otos and amano. This tank will be taken down and the livestock will be moved to the 90g.


When the stand arrives, i would like to execute the "Dark Start Method", only soil (Tropica Aquarium soil), hardscape and  filter, no light and no plants for about 4 weeks.


Where I live it's late, it's midnight, I'll update it tomorrow with some photos of the tank. 

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New day, new update I'll post a few photos of the tank, the living room is a mess, I'm "rescaping" it too lol.

The tank underneath has a wood panel. As you can see, the packages near the tank, are about 50kg of tropica soil. 


This journals will be a bit boring considering that the tank will be ready in about a month. Meanwhile I'll post some photos of the actual 20g. Everything will be moved to the 90g






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After a while, here's a new update. DART START BEGINS


Which do you suggest me? A fully Dutch style or semi with some dragon stone?



Tank: 110x50x60h (substrate starts from 8cm front till 15cm kn the back)

Filter: 2 Oase Biomaster thermo 600 with 8 litres of Seachem matrix mad 500ml of purigen (250ml each filter)

In/outflow: 2 Lily pipe and 1 inflow skimmer, 1 regular inflow glass.

Substrate: 50kg tropica aqua soil

Light: Week Aqua P900 with hanging kit (and if needed 1 chihiros WRGB2 Slim60)



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