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Shrimp-safe stocking choices for a ten gallon with a betta?


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So, I’m shifting my bettas to new tanks. Sprinkles, my female, is much too aggressive to live in a community, but my other betta, Reddi, is fine with most types of fish as long as they don’t go to the top frequently or bite his fins. What would be a good stocking choice with them? I’m really hoping to keep Cherry shrimp with them as well, so if the fish/inverts are shrimp-safe that would be good. It’s fine if they aren’t shrimplet safe.

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If the tank has a good plant load, lots of hides, the shrimp should do perfectly fine with the betta.  Betta will hunt and eat shrimp, but the adults and the majority of the colony can establish itself before you add the betta fish.  That being said, I personally don't recommend a betta with shrimp because of the temp required to keep a betta.  It's a bit harsh on the N. Davidi shrimp.  I prefer to keep the shrimp a bit cooler. (~72-74) and give them a slightly longer lifespan, slower growth curve, and a bit easier time handling development.  I can share some research studies on the topic, but the just of it is that there is some research on this topic which shows benefits of the colonies at various temps.  Some of them fall in line with betta temps (80-82) while others will encourage a slightly cooler temp.

I saw the other thread with the tank though.  In either situation, get the colony of shrimp going, then introduce fish.  You can also leave the shrimp by themselves and add them slowly to the tank with the betta over time.  This gives you some margin for error, you can introduce more of them when you do so, and it gives you that safe haven for the colony outside of issues.

On 9/2/2023 at 8:24 PM, Lavender said:

if the fish/inverts are shrimp-safe that would be good.

For other fish / inverts.
-horned nerites, nerite snails
-amano shrimp (again, temp stuff)
-otocinclus (again, temp stuff)
-dwarf corydoras will do ok (again, temp stuff)
-nano tetra (should be fine warmer)

I'll be intrigued to see what others have had success with and recommend.

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I think I’m likely going to set them up in the old betta tank once it’s time to add the betta. Honestly, the old tank may just become my shrimp tank if they don’t breed. Thankfully, I think I have shrimplets, so they’ll probably start soon.

I like dwarf cories, my first pick, but…I’m worried they’re going to suddenly hide one day and I’ll never find them until I break the tank down. Plus, temp. I figured I’d either do green neons or dwarf Cories.

Will probably get nerites and a mystery snail as far as inverts.

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