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Honey gourami behaviours

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Hi guys, yesterday I went to the local fish store after my 2 year old betta died from old age. I was going to get only a honey gourami for my 5.5 planted tank and so I picked out the gourami and was ready to go. But on my way out I saw like 1 baby betta that was on for adoption so I asked the employee and they said it will want a good home to go to. So I figured I could take home home and it would live with the honey gourami. So I took him home yesterday, acclimated both of them and released them into the tank. At first the betta was kind of aggressive towards the gourami. Chasing him away but they mellowed out in the end. However I did notice a lot of glass surfing on the honey gourami as well as spitting out food from its mouth. It’s not huge pellets or anything but some really good quality insectivore flake. 
Is this normal? 

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