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Plant advice for a beginner


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Hey guys, I could use some help with fertilizing my plants to the proper dosage. 

I have 6 different species of Anubias plants, 6 lucky bamboo plants (testing them out). In a 90 gallon tank. All but the bamboo was from co-op. Sand as substrate. Using root tabs as well. As far as easy green I have only put in 4 dosages (squirt) after each water change. Which is weekly. According to the easy green directions I am under dosing (purposely). My question is if this was your tank would you go higher or lower in dosages? 

Also, I have iron and carbon but I rarely use them. Due to the directions from the website. 

I am not using co2 (yet). Lights I am using are 2 nicrew planted lights. 7 hours of light.

I don’t know if this is needed to know or not, but I have 13 fish and 1 snail. I will be adding shrimp and another snail very soon. 

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I'd suggest you test your nitrates. If you're at around 40ppm before your water change I wouldn't personally adjust anything in your schedule. If you're over 40ppm I would reduce the dosage further.

Anubias feeds from the water column and grows very slowly so it's possible for your nitrates to be above that. Lucky bamboo can feed from its roots but isn't a true aquatic species so I have never kept it in any of my tanks.

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I agree with @ange. No-one likes to hear it but it's true. You need to monitor your water parameters. Nitrates between 20 and 30 are the sweet spot. If you are a little low after a water change and not to high causing the need for a water change, adding a little Easy Green isn't a bad idea after a water change. This will add some of the needed micro nutrients: phosphorus, calcium, phosphates, and trace others.

Here is a great resource: Also search on youtube aquarium coop and fertilizer.

Good Luck.

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