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Can I put neon tetras in the same tank as cardinal tetras?

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A big box store is having a sale. Can I put neon teras in with cardinal tetra and a male betta? I want colorful non breeding fish in the 9 gallon tank with a few mystery snails and maybe some Amano shrimp for the algae clean up crew.  Would neo cardia colored shrimp work in this tank as well?



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I don't see any reason why you couldn't have cardinals and neons in the same tank.

If you just want amano shrimp anyway, I wouldn't recommend them for eating algae.  A nerite snail might be a better option.

Whether or not neocaridinas do well in your tank will likely depend on the betta.  Some kill everything in sight, and others won't.  Assuming it's not bothering the neons, there's at least a chance it won't kill them.

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