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Fish room flooring

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So i'm working towards my first proper fish rack that will hopefully lead to my first proper fish room. I already have a couple aquariums in the room on stand alone fish stands, and i'm just realising that everybody else has concrete flooring in their fish room. i have carpet. I'm really kicking myself for not thinking about this sooner, but i would really prefer not to have to move the aquariums i have in here out because they're aquascaped quite nicely IMO. Is there any possibility at all that i could just roll with the carpet? could i just get a dehumidifier? or is the concern about splashing tanks? 

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I got a dehumidifier in my bedroom after putting in 2, 29 gallon tanks and a 20 high..  they all have lids, but the dehumdifier is very nice at keeping room humidity around 50% rh….  In the winter time it keeps the room warmer too, as removing humidity from the air liberates a fair amount of heat which reduces aquarium heater run time…


i find relative humidity levels above 60% or so gets unpleasantly humid….


A rubber backed mat placed in front of the tank when doing water changes and tank maintenance keeps the floor dry.

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