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Favorite nano fish


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Celestial Pearl Danios


I like both of these because their personalities are a ton of fun. Bettas obviously have a lot of personality, but I was surprised by how friendly and outgoing my cpds have become. They started out so timid and now they swarm the glass whenever someone comes near. Their color after a few weeks of good food is amazing. I just love the little guys.

Chili Rasbora round out my top three but I've never kept them. Harlequin, Pork Chop, and Emerald Dwarf Rasbora are also right up there. I've yet to keep any of these guys but I will one day.


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Fish only:

1. Kuhli Loach

2. Betta

3. Ottocinclus - thanks for keeping my tank clean! 


Mystery Snail

Ammano Shrimp - so entertaining at feeding time! They fly to the sinking pellets, grab one and retreat to the highest point in the tank to eat their prize. 

Neocaridinia Shrimp


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Honey and sparkling gouramis: both are inquisitive and social, love the way they interact.

Corydoras: no comments needed : D

Shrimps: I can still watch them for 30 minutes, just to see how they grab their back or how play with plants. 

Other fishes: CPD, endlers, otos, bettas.. 

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1) Hillstream loaches (any species). They are cute and silly looking.

2) Rhinogobius gobies. Unlike Stiphodon gobies they can breed in freshwater. They are very silly looking and the males dig nests under rocks by picking up gravel/sand and spitting it out.

Rhinogobius duospilus 





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