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Injured Fish


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On 8/30/2023 at 7:57 AM, LoveMyPlatys said:

Ok, thank you! Is that concentration of salt safe for catfish? It is still active. 

Yes that is a very low concentration of salt, but I would dissolve the salt fist vs just dumping it in, otherwise it all goes to the bottom of the tank and anything down there will get a face full of salt. Just remember that the only way to remove salt is water changes - it will not evaporate out with the water. You can always start with a lower dosage and up as needed.

Having a 10g hospital tank is super handy - I keep one up and running with snails as a bioload just so it's always ready, and I put plant trimmings and such in there too (even tho it's a bare bottom tank - I weigh them down with plant weights or let them float, helps chill out any fish that are in there too). 

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