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Natural Looking Tank


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I personally would start in the woods, fields, and streambanks.  It all depends on your budget. The Local Fish Store would also be a good place to start.   Amazon can be good, but you need to read the listings carefully. Fortunately Amazon has a pretty liberal return policy on most things. Do a Google search for the items you want.  There are private companies out there that you can actually call and get answers from a live person.








your local 

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On 8/30/2023 at 7:09 AM, FishyGirl said:

And from what im reading it’s ok to change stuff around with fish in the tank? Wanted to double check here

Look up a YouTube channel (there's a few)...


George farmer


They all have a very similar style and it's generally more towards a natural, biotope aquascape.

The main method of achieving this is to use natural materials, wood being the biggest one apart from the live plants. Find a piece of hard scape that you enjoy and just do a bunch of research. Find some inspiration for style and see how it speaks to you.

But yes, you can absolutely change the tank around. I move things around to siphon and get detritus out.

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