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Using nano air pump until regular air pump is available?

Michelle Wolfe

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I use the nano pumps with air stones inside sponge filters to good effect.  But one issue to keep an eye on (if you're referring to the little green nano pumps) is their tendency to quit expelling air occasionally until I  smack them a few times.  Then they'll work again for a period of hours...and repeat.  In my case I use them as additional filters with  hobs as the main.   There may be an easy fix to keep them running I haven't stumbled upon.

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I use the nano pumps on 10 gal shrimp tanks. This one has been running a nano sponge filter for over 6 months non stop with no problems. I probably need to do some cleaning, but the shrimp don't care. :classic_laugh:

I'm interested to hear how the little pumps do in a large tank...🤔



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