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dwarf cichlids in planted tank????


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I've been surfing the Internet looking at tanks for my second setup.  I thought I narrowed it down to the Waterbox Clear Mini 30 which is a 31 gallon tank that is 31.4" x 15.7" x 15.7".    However, my wife threw a wrench into my planning today when she said can we use some more colorful fish like cichlids?  I know cichlids and planted tanks do not go together but I did some more research and it looks like dwarf cichlids can be kept in planted tanks.  They do not attack the plants like the larger African cichlids.  Has anyone had a planted tank with dwarf cichlids?  If so, what types of plants?  Also, is a 31 gallon tank big enough for them?  They are beautiful fish but I need something compatible with a planted tank.

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