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Fish Room Change-Up. Help!?!

Andrew Puhr

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So I am in the bit of a rut with the fish room and need some advice for this change up. I currently have the following tanks: 

  • 80 Gallon Breeder: Full of guppies, snails, and BN Plecos (Breeding Fish for Profit Tank) full of val, dwarf sag, and hornwort 
  • 55 Gallon Tank: Angelfish, Black and Dalmatian Mollies, and silvertip tetras planted with anubias on wood and jungle val
  • 30 Gallon with Single Goldfish 
  • 15 Gallon Betta Sorority

I have an empty 30 Breeder that I want to transfer the goldfish to that would give him a larger footprint. I then want to convert the 30 Gallon Tank to a regular aquarium plant with crypts and throw my Black and Dalmatian mollies in there. 

I also have some new driftwood and larger rocks and decor that I want to add change up the 80 breeder but with the amount of fry it is going to be a pain to rescape. 

Just looking for advice or input before I tackle this adventure. 

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