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Ammonia pads for shipping

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I’ve been shipped fish with a spongy material. Could have been just cycled sponge. I have heard of places using ammonia removing pads in shipping bags. 

My questions 

1. if you use these which ones do you use?

2. Do ammonia pads reduce oxygen the way things like Prime do?

3. are the ACO Ammonia pads the correct thing  



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1. I try not to ship fish very often, but when I do, I use ACO ammonia pads. If I'm shipping shrimp, I snip open a bag of purigen and dump like a teaspoon of purigen pearls into the bag/bottle. 

2. I do not believe ACO ammonia pads have any effect on oxygen levels, but if you're concerned about it I would recommend using breather bags. IMO the extra expense is worth it. 

3. If your goal is just to reduce ammonia through shipping, then yes, the ammonia pad is the correct product to use. I tend to not like using loose purigen for fish because they can ingest it. 

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