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Concrete block and wood board rack, gap under unfilled tank


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I've been in the process of moving my tanks to a new rack in a new spot, and I'm using the basic concrete block and wood board method. I noticed some bend in the wood so that only about the right 2/3s of the tank (55 gallon) is making contact with the wood while it's unfilled. I am assuming there is going to be some amount of movement in the wood when the tank is filled, but wanted to see if anyone more experienced with this type of rack will have advice is this gap warrants getting new wood or not. Thanks!


left gap.jpg


It's worth noting that I have extra wood and tested it, the tank will sit flat. I do need those for the top level though, so I assume I'll have the same issue up top but with smaller tanks (20 long and a 10) so less weight to crush them flat.

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A pretty simple way to remedy this is to cut an EVA foam base for the tank. The foam will fill in any leveling gaps and compress in the areas it needs to. Thankfully this tank has a frame on it, which will definitely help reduce the risks of having it on a slightly uneven surface.

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