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Anyone who's playing RPGs knows any character needs a good back story. I have 2 thick lipped gourami. Now, I've never named a fish aside from bettas before, and I also don't tend to like human names for animals, but one day I looked into the tank and said "that's a Fred."  It's not just Fred but you have to say it with a dopey sound to your voice. Like this...

Heres Fred:


Fred grew up in a very poor family but there was always love. Fred is kind of the lovable oaf we all want to hug and and have as a friend. He's not very smart but he has a kind soul. He has has to struggle in life but that has made him appreciate everything he has. One thing he has is Sally. Sally is his wife. 

Here's Sally:


Now Sally is a classy lady. She comes from money and has always had everything she needs but her parents did raise her to be down to earth. This is why she connected so well with Fred despite their differences. Like Fred, Sally's family was full of love and support. She was always surrounded by many friends and family. 

Is there more to the story?  How did they meet? What does each do as an occupation?  And what about those 2 honey gourami trouble makers in the tank?  Will they cause any issues with this couple?  Find out!

Honey gourami trouble makers:


Note:  feel free to add to the story or even add your own fish as characters. Can be a side story or back story or front story or upside down story. Let's see what we get!

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Fred is clearly a plumber. His father was a plumber and his father's father was a plumber before him.  Its hard blue collar work but it pays the bills. The sad thing is that Fred always dreamed of being a famous actor in Fish Bowlywood but because of his family's money struggles he never got the chance to follow his dream and instead joined the family plumbing business at a young age.  Fred isn't a complainer though and has made the best of his lot in life. He's one of the best at his craft that you will ever meet and always charges a fair price and gives sound advice to his clients. With his free time he volunteers at the local theater acting in plays and helping build sets.  He feels like he owes the world to that theater because its how he met the woman of his dreams.

Sally also has a liking for the theater but her preferred genre is musicals. Due to her family's wealth she was able to get the best coaching and was a star(fish) on Broadway.  After a while though the hustle and bustle of the big city life wore on her and she decided to retire and take over the local theater in her hometown. While its not as glamorous as the life she left behind, she gets so much satisfaction from teaching the next generation of great performers. Plus this decision lead her to meet her Prince Charming. Quite literally in fact, Sally played Cinderella and Fred played Prince Charming in their rendition of the Disney classic. And it was Happily Ever After.

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Though happy and content with Fred, sometimes late at night Sally peers into the darkness hoping to see Zeke.  Sally's parents insisted that she have the best of everything, but Zeke was the badis from the other side of the tank, and Sally's first crush.  Zeke had big ambitions and always said he would jump at the first chance to see the outside world.  Before he left he promised to come back for Sally..

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