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Does anyone know where to find an aquarium tank stand designed for a 47 gallon column tank?


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I have a large column tank and filter that is more than a decade old on while I was on vacation the hang on back filter in the neighboring tank suffered a leak that caused water damage to both the floors and the tank stand. I saw today that the tank stand being made of wood suffered water damage and split open. While nothing catastrophic had happened .... yet. I am looking to replace it. Although I found it hard to find a replacement stand that is 20 in wide and 18 in deep that seems designed to hold up that weight. I find a marineland product that fits my purpose (Marineland - 20x18 Newport Aquarium Stand Black) I cannot seem to find it anywhere that is within reach nor can I order it online. Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions? (my tank and stand looks like this, and its fraying at the bottom base place and where it is wood) 47 gallon column tank aquarium tank, lid and stand for Sale in ...


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There's a local shop by me that makes them for people, at least they did.  You might be able to find something similar in a LFS that produces their own wood stands.

That being said, you're best bet is likely to find one for a tank of similar size, but not necessarily a marineland one.

For instance, maybe a 40B, 55G or 75G stand would work.  You could have the column on one side and then a 20L or something next to it. 

I'll send you some links if I find anything.

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