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Apisto fry with stringy poop


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This is my first foray into intentionally breeding fish, so I'm not super familiar with what to expect and look for when raising fry.  But, I've been noticing lately that a lot of my Apisto fry have stringy poop (see in the picture).

Is this normal, of concern? 

I feed them three times a day, microwroms in the morning and baby brine at the other two feedings. 

Any thoughts or advice?


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Are they fry alone in the tank?  Are you losing any fry? Are the fry looking thin? are you actually seeing the fish eat ? Answering these questions will help. Normally when I see white stringy poop. My first plan of action is to attempt to figure out if it’s an internal worm or parasite specifically Hexamita. But it could be nothing. 

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Fry are active and eating. They are the sole occupants of the tank, but the parents were in there originally. They appear otherwise healthy.

Don’t know if I lost any but doesn’t seem like it so far. Too much cover and too many fry. If some passed, I’d really have to search for them.

Also, while the poop is super long, it also takes on the color of the food. So it’s white after a feeding of micro worms. And it’s red after a feeding of brine shrimp. It looks like their making sausage links of the food they just ate.

Never having raised fry and not regularly seeing it in the adults, it had me wondering if it’s normal. 

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