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Mbuna Condos

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I got a Request for Proposal from the  MRO (Mbuna Rock Owner)Association for the construction of condos in a 75 gallon tank. From the quote:


We are tired of seeing our loved one gobbled up by other fish, we want to come to America and live in a aquarium. We want a condo for all Mbuna which includes running water. 

Running water???

Since I own 75 gallon tank currently being resealed, I decide to make a bid. My first proposal was small cubicles using 1/2" PVC sheets. Here is the MRO association response: 


We are not birds, we are Mbunas! We are rock fish, we want rocks!

OK, no birdhouse build, here is my second proposal. So the goals on this build. The entire bottom of the tank will be covered in rocks. I want to support the rocks above the tank bottom which will eliminate the first layer of rocks and create space for the condos. This will also drastically reduce the weight of the required rocks. 

Here is an executive summary of my prototype:

Place balloons fill with sand and small PVC pipes to support the rocks in a form.


Wrap rocks with Saran wrap.


Mix foam and pour into form with rocks in place. Yes, that is a tombstone on the left side, been busy making props for our neighborhood Halloween party. We do a haunted hayride.  

Remove balloons


Cover exposed areas of foam with Gorilla glue and pack substrate in form. In the actually build, I may use silicone caulk. 




With one layer of rocks and sand.


Add second layer rocks. I am quite happy with the results, this was a quick prototype. For the actual build, I need to raise the rocks higher so the condos go more under the rocks instead of between them. I also need to work on how to slope upwards with a possible rock wall on the back. I would like to get at least 20 condos in the tank. For the actual build, I will use a full size form so I can lay it out first. 


Now what I didn't show, result from a second ouring of foam to fill in spots. Clearly that didn't work but the foam can be cut easily.


Working in small section at a time, I need to make this with a single pouring of foam. Above is what I want, nice rounded features which looks natural. So my plan for the build. Remove the rocks before the foam pouring, I should be able to evenly pour with no rocks in the way. Then quickly put the rocks on the PVC pipes. This has to be done in about 10-15 seconds, the foam is very reactive. And clearly, I need to work in small sections at a time.

I am happy to report, the MBO Association have accepted my proposal. I did express my concern with aggressive behavior from Mbunas defending their condos, the MBO replied:


We are Mbuna, that is who we are.

Hopefully I will have time to work on it as I am finishing up my tombstones for our annual neighborhood hayride. 


I decided on a 27 Club  theme, the guitar strings need to be covered with Monster Mud.  Below will go on the Mama Cass tombstone who is not a 27 club member and died from a heart attack but I had to do it. 

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