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My Black Moor... I am a beginner and I don't know about ya'll but I kinda don't, kinda do know what I'm doing. Mostly from watching YouTube. But WOW so many different opinions!!! Very confusing🤔 Everything was all good until She got bigger and now I believe she has something wrong with her. I have nobody to talk to about this kind of stuff. Soooo, I thought I would try joining. Hopefully I am doing this right. This is my 1st time doing anything like this. Hope Everyone has a awesome day.

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Thank you. So many people just think they can put a fish in a tank and that's it. I knew it wasn't that easy, obviously.. But sometimes I think to myself, this is way more than I thought or knew. idk... This does seem like an awesome place to start talking with people that know what they're doing. I have nobody here. In person... 😂 

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