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Co-Op light size


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I measured my 30" Aquarium Co-Op light and it is a total length of 29 15/16" when fully closed. This includes a little lip on the end, which is 1/16 on either side.  The part that sits on the tank rim is 10/16" wide.

So, the edge would sit on a rimless tank (when fully closed) from 29 13/16" to 28 9/16" (if all my measurements and math are correct).

Ideally, the 30" Aquarium Co-Op light would fit "best" on a rimless tank that is 29 13/16", but would still sit on the rim of a rimless tank down to 28 9/16".

I'm guessing that the Aquarium Co-Op 24" and 30" lights have the same brackets.  The Aquarium Co-Op website says the 24" light is 23.6" long (I'm assuming full closed): https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/lights/products/aquarium-co-op-easy-plant-led.  So, that would be just about perfect for your tank (you may even end up extending it by 2/16" to get it to fit flush on the tank).



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