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Some dying anubias fun!

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Well, I was checking on the shrimp tank and this little thing did not look quite right.


I think a lot of hobbyist might look at this and either run to throw it away because of fear of anubias rhizome rot or look at and just think the plant itself is drying.

If you look at the main, thick rhizome that is a very pale color you can see that all the leaves were removed.  Because of this the plant has to grow new ones.  Well, it actually decided to grow new plants instead!

I ended up having 3 pretty small little anubias pieces on the rhizome.  Each one grow outside of the rhizome, grows a few leaves and starts a new rhizome of their own.  This is unique and cool, and something I really enjoy with epiphyte plants because it makes me feed like I salvaged something. 🙂

The main plant is probably coffeefolia or anubias nana.  The little plants have a long way to go!


This is also why sometimes you'll see a section of the rhizome that looks a bit off / pale.  The plant has decided to abandon that section of rhizome.  It's best to actually cut it off and remove it so you don't develop rhizome rot!!!

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