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Rennji's Enchanted Forest


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Moving to the journal section to keep an online tank record.



Lifegard 7g full view

Chihiros B series 30cm

GLA paintball reg and atomic diffuser

Aqueon Pro 50w

Seachem Matrix 1L

Brick sized coarse sponge


Setup and dark cycle start Jul 27th, 2023


Planting day Aug 7th, 2023




10 day growth update Aug 17, 2023




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First trim. The back is pretty full from all of the culture cups I used, so I did not replant. There seemed to be a good bit of GHA starting. I'm not sure where it got introduced. Perhaps it started to overtake due to my Co2 tank being empty? I replaced the Co2 and blew all the detritus into the water column with a bulb, then knocked back the stems and Cuba to promote new growth.


Sept 28th, 2023


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