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What do you think about this stand?


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I've got an acrylic 30 gallon (36" L x 12" D x 16" H).  I'm wondering if the following stand will work:



36" L x 14" D x 35" H

For a comparison, my Imagitarium stand for my 29 (30.35" L x 12.5" D x 18.75" H) is:

30.5" L x 12.5" D x 30" H

My concern is the 35" height of the first stand.  The overall height with the 30 gallon would be 51".  The overall height of my 29 gallon with stand is 48.75".  Of course, the first stand is 2" wider.

Do you think this will be stable enough?

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I share @Chick-In-Of-TheSea's concern about the front to back width of the feet. If the stand will be on concrete or tile, and there is little or no chance of bumping/jostling, it's probably ok. But wood has a bit more bounce or give, and carpet would be even worse. 

From the specs on the site, the front to back distance between the centre of the front and rear sets of legs is only 7.5". That leaves a significant potential for wobbling, if the base (floor) is not literally rock solid. I also note that the shelf capacity is 350lbs. The water weight of 30 gallons is 250 lbs, and while the tank is acrylic so lighter than a glass equivalent, that doesn't leave much room for substrate and hardscape before you're very close to that limit. Ideally, you'd want significantly more capacity that the actual load. 

I'd pass. 

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