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Semi urgent but not really??


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So another update to my last post. I had discussed my stand issue with my parents and this is how it went:

*I explained the issue and my father said he’d help me take a look at it.


then today we took all of the drawers out and saw no cracks or issues. Then we put the drawers back. We got a level and it was still in the middle. We also use the measuring app on our phones. The middle was -2 degrees and the sides were -1 degrees. The stand is on carpet btw. We discussed ways to fix this. 1 sell one tank and buy a stand from petco. I said “ no, this is because those are made out of MDF and particle board and the wood swells when you get water on it.


Which is obviously going to happen it’s a fish tank.” He said ok then what? I said” I am thinking we do a double decker stand.” He looked shocked and said there’s no way 2x4s and screws are going to hold that weight. “ I explained that there are many videos in YouTube on how to build a sturdy stand and there are for ohms in how to build a stand the right way. He said “ how do I know these people are professionals or not?” I said “some of these people have had the same stand for 5+ years and they buoy them themselves” I also brought up the cinderblock idea that Cory did a while back.


This pleases him and said “ we can just paint it over or something” I said “ok” I have this LFS that actually built their racks by themselves. We can go there on Sunday to ask them how they did it. All of the tanks in that store are 40 breeders stacked on top of eachother. There are also two 500g Oscar tanks sitting in diy tanks. My father said “oh. Let’s ask them and see the next best course of action” He is very skeptical about building a stand diy. He has school and is very buisy.

At the end of this month he has a whole week off but I have school aswell. I offered the weekend he has off and he said “ this thing is going to take atleast 3 weeks to do” I said “no. It took most of these people 3 hrs maximum to cut, sand, assemble, and set up these stands.” I also explained how a 2x4 can hold a lot of weight. I also said that we would use deck screws. He was shocked also and said “no way deck screws are going to hold that much” 

so the ask is can someone send me plans and designs on how to build a double decker stand. Or can someone explain the science and physics behind building a diy stand. Thanks!

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On 8/16/2023 at 9:01 PM, lefty o said:

you can assure your father, 2x4's and good quality construction screws can handle any weight if the stand is made properly. im sure he is thinking drywall screws, and yeah those wont hold much before they snap.

I did explain why you should use deck screws over drywall screws and how much weight a 2x4 can hold being on its side. I don’t think he understood but I’m gathering resources now to prove my points. I think that once I prove that you can build an aquarium stand for cheap and the accidents behind it he’d understand.

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A 2 x 4 can hold a lot of weight if it's placed correctly, and deck screws are fairly strong, but under no circumstances would I trust them to support the weight of a fish tank full of water.  They are not designed to withstand much of a load in shear.

I don't care what youtubers do.  I've been doing carpentry for longer than most of them have been alive.

The 2 x 4's that are placed horizontally need to be directly supported all the way to the floor.  That means either notching the leg so that the horizontal 2 x 4 rests in the notch, or screwing another 2 x 4 to the leg so the horizontal 2 x 4's are resting on it.  That way the screws are only holding the boards together, and you aren't relying on them to support the weight.

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